☽ Agenda

  • Welcome
  • 4 love letter / Python text projects
  • Passing notes ? sharing
  • slightly edited version of notebook from last week here
  • Check in: creating a new .ipynb file, importing a new text file, writing an if-statement
  • Python: Indexing, If Statements, Loops, Functions
  • Max’s Bag of Text Methods ? (link here)
    • To grab max’s file and open it in jupyter:
      • Press the button that says “Raw” in the top right quadrant of the github page.
      • copy all of the raw text there
      • create a new .ipynb file in Atom called bag-of-text-methods.ipynb
      • copy the raw text here
      • save this new bag-of-text-methods.ipynb file in your ~/digital-love-languages/code-words-spells folder

☼ Homework for next week

Learning, stretching, growing

  • Find something that’s just outside of your reach and try to make it and learn from it. What does it feel like to grow? What do any barriers that may come up feel like?
    • Take a look back at all the Python code we’ve shared so far and create a new .ipynb file where you sketch out and try out code that is just beyond what you feel comfortable with.
    • Free-write one paragraph, a poem, or a word association list reflecting on what it feels like to extend yourself, to reach, to learn, to grow, to get frustrated! what are the contours of these feelings, what places or memories do they come from?
    • Add this paragraph as a block to this Learning Growing Reaching Extending Arena channel

Thank you to Dan Taeyoung for helping formulate this assignment


What is a reading you would like to share with the class?