Dear Digital Love Languages

? Dear Digital Love Languages, a collection of collective web pages, a love letter to Digital Love Languages

Hand Coding Round Robin With Emma Rae

“participants of this workshop will learn how to “hand code” a web page by working on collective websites. the session will start with a brief lecture on the significance of coding slowly and by hand. participants will learn how to do this kind of coding by example and with care. equal attention will be given to html elements, css styles, and the content on the page. through adding and styling the content of each others web pages students will learn the basic building blocks of web development as well as what it feels like to code with and for each other.”

Topics Covered:

? Click here for a Code Societies Cooperative Webpage by Emma Rae

Homework for Next Week ☼☽

Code as a Gift

What would you like to work on for our last 3 weeks together? Dm me in Slack with any feedback or thoughts on grounding in more python, more javascript, web scraping with javascript, chrome extensions, twitter bots, more time in class for workshopping project ideas and receiving feedback from classmates?

  • Consider a person or group who that you would like to give a gift of a something you made with code. This could be a family member, best friend, someone who is part of Digital Love Languages, or yourself <3
  • This can be anything that feels right to you and is specific to your relationship with the person or group you wish to it give to
  • Consider how you would like your gift to make them feel?
  • Consider the many forms it could take,
    • A folder poem you leave on their computer
    • A python generated poem, hand written sent on a post card
    • A hand coded website
    • A message board for you an your friends
    • A twitter bot
  • Consider your relationship you have with the receiver and specific moments or memories you share
  • What are some things that you often think about when you think about them and how could you incorporate these into a folder poem gift for them?

Code as a Gift prompt is inspired by Taeyoon Choi’s theme for SFPC YCAM , a session we ran in Japan Summer 2019

Sharing your idea

  • Share paragraph description or drawing about your idea here in this channel
  • Come to class prepared to share an idea for something you’d like to work on for the next three weeks, a gift made of code. This will help the stewards better tailor the next 3 weeks of class to your interests and help us plan the class webzine.

Suggested Reading

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